Our offer of surface treatment now includes a phosphating line with the possibility of metallizing either on a hinge, in a basket or in a drum en masse. Chemical mixtures for the new operation are supplied by the CHEMO-PHOS CZ, s.r.o. company.

Baths of the new generation are extremely environmentally friendly and produce surfaces of high quality.


Phosphating is a surface treatment during which the metal surface is coated with insoluble phosphates. The coating is created through a reaction of ions from the working bath with ions dissolved from the coated metal's surface. The created crystal coatings are porous and thus absorptive for paints, oils, waxes and lubricants.

Manganese phosphate

Manganese phosphate coatings are able to reduce the risk of rotating gears' radiation and are thus used in automotive industry, in treating the individual gear wheels of complicated gear systems. Manganese phosphate coatings have high thermal resistance and are suitable also for components with friction load. The coating is dark or totally black. The basis weights of coatings are from 2g m2 up to 40g m2 with the thickness of ca. 1µ - 6µ.

Zinc phosphate

Zinc phosphate coating is suitable mostly as a surface treatment before varnishing, or it could be used as an electrical insulation. The coating is dark gray or black and can have a wide range of basis weights, from 1g m2 up to 15g m2. The surface thickness is from 1µ up to 7µ.


width - 500mm

height - 800mm

length - 1300mm


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