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Coating thickness

The standard thickness of zinc coating is between 8-12µm. Corrosion resistance of zinc coating is defined through a corrosion chamber test according to the ISO EN 9227 standard. Zinc coating with a thin layer passivation has corrosion resistance up to 50 hours. A thick layer passivation can increase the corrosion resistance up to 200 hours. With the use of a sealing varnish the corrosion resistance can grow by another almost 200 hours. The zinc thickness itself thus does not have as major impact on the corrosion as it might seem. Zinc protects the surface both mechanically and chemically. In wet conditions, zinc and iron together create an electrical cell – therefore, in case of a small local surface damage, the corrosion only proceeds in the zinc layer, while the steel remains undamaged.

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To our frequent customers we offer regular goods deliveries throughout the whole Moravia

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Inspection report

After agreeing on the specific points of your product, we will periodically measure a part of the production and keep records of the results in a protocol. Eventually, the product could be subjected to a salt spray test of corrosion resistance. The protocol will be given to you together with pictures of the test's course. It is, however, a more time-consuming test.

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The main parameter for a price calculation is the metallized surface size or the product's weight. Often also the number of pieces hanged on the hinge or the overall contract volume are taken into consideration as well. At a rough guess, the price can be calculated through multiplying 1 dm² of the metallized surface by 2,20 CZK, or 1 kg of galvanized material by 15 CZK. However, we recommend you to always contact us in advance and ask for a price proposal.

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